Jules Breting Collection

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The beauty of Jules Breting

appreciated in two separate collections:

The Classic Collection and The Modern Collection. While each clearly have different design elements, they share the same richly styled DNA with exclusive details offered only by Jules Breting.

At Jules Breting, we never take the easy route. Each timepiece is executed with fine details, on even our most simplistic looking designs. Each timepiece we make reveals a clear passion for watchmaking, and will be a source of pride for anyone who chooses to wear one.

Our Classic Collection reflects a timeless expression of design. Something that you can appreciate now, and decades later as you admire the watch on your wrist. Elegance shines through even in the sportiest of our designs of this collection, reflecting a level of refinement that you will appreciate for a lifetime.
Our Modern Collection is built on complex designs, and over-the-top creativity. Bold and intrepid designs that prove we never take the easy path, but risk everything to create something unique and special.